Will Any Country Drop a Nuclear Bomb?
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Will Any Country Drop a Nuclear Bomb?

If there is a possibility of any country dropping a nuclear bomb.

Remember the time, US dropped one on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Nothing is impossible, a new logo says. People take things in a way that help them to do their things done. If Einstein was not there, no country would be using a nuclear weapon, nobody would ever talk about that even. Let's come to reality.

If Pakistan has any single idea of starting a fight with India, the next moment China would breach through Indian security in North East, with SriLanka would try to attack in the south because of the LTTE problem that was unsolved over years. America would support Pakistan implicitly, the same way for Russia for India. Though India would struggle to finish off the issue with peace talks and all, at last, Pakistan or China would take the advantage of capturing the nation because of 'strong-on-paper' only Indian army. Though Indians have all the technology, their power is nothing compared to super-powers of the world. Just because India is just-yet-another developing nation for a very very long time. And it will be in the list of probables forever but would never reach the position of a developed nation.

Japan would be curious about their revenge on United States of America. Some other silently developed super powers of the world would like to see the advantages that can be made from the loss of that war or else they would contribute to the War without intervening their noses painted their national flag. At last, that would be the seed of World War III.

Once the war gets serious, no one can predict the alliance of any nation with any. Because, no nation now is fully loyal to another. Some nations have a long time revenge and some other have the necessity to crush the nations just to take advantage of the resources of that nation, oil, gas, manpower and ofcourse, talented individuals to work for them just as jews were before the World War II. No evidence as to which nation would survive and which will not as no nation is fully exploiting or shwcasing its powers. But all the developed and good-developing nations are ready to face the next war with its full power. In fact, there would be some agencies working on it to guess the possibility. And in this intelligence era, nuclear bomb dropping is inevitable. And other than that, you can expect robots or nano-bots carrying the explosives would also be deployed on the battle-field. Pray not to have another world war, which will seriously make Earth, a planet with all possibilities of human life, but no humans alive in the whole universe.

After all, I was just talking about India-Pak problem,count on the other disputes all over the world.

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