War on Terrorism or Political Propaganda to Conspire Racism for a Larger Agenda?
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War on Terrorism or Political Propaganda to Conspire Racism for a Larger Agenda?

In the last few years the public has begun to notice the signs directly related to false flag conspiracies and political propaganda. One sign most recently noticed is the increased political propaganda involving ‘domesticated terrorists.’ Now that the U.S. Constitution is under threat, the American public is beginning to awaken to the larger agenda behind such disunity.

During the second world war innocent Japanese American citizens were taken from their homes and placed into internment camps in order for the U.S. government to confirm the safety and security of the nation.  This was due to the fact that Japan posed a serious threat during the second world war as the term “Kamikaze” rapidly surfaced instilling fear into the minds of American citizens.  It was never before heard of during that time that an individual would go to such lengths as to commit suicide, taking the lives of many others while doing so, for a cause higher than them alone.  So naturally, racial tensions arose amongst the American people fueled by fear driven by the Industrial Military Complex in a race against the Japanese people.  


A little more than a half a century later that same race is being hard fought by the American people against a new opponent.  “Terrorists.”  However, terrorists aren’t as easy to identify as the Japanese people were 60 going on 70 years ago.  This is because this is not a form of racial tension but a form of religious intolerance based not on ethnicity but on a belief system.  The people of middle eastern countries belonging to a different faith that tell of  a different human origin other than those that are preached in the West have been depicted, by Mainstream Media, as intolerant ‘Jihadist Terrorists’ or ‘Islamic Terrorists.’  This religious intolerance broadcasted on a continual daily basis by the East Coast Elite Media (FOX, MSNBC, CNN, etc.) has contributed to confusion amongst ethnicities as any light brown skinned man may be a middle eastern terrorist.  And now as the Boston Bombings instill much more fear into the hearts and minds of American citizens the East Coast Elite Media or Mainstream Media is boasting the threat of a new enemy: “Domesticated Terrorists.”  For that matter it is now of the upmost importance to remember and share the following quote:         


“When anybody preaches disunity, tries to pit one of us against the other through class warfare, race hatred, or religious intolerance you know that person seeks to rob us of our freedom and destroy our very lives.”


The United States of America is a land of diverse culture, ideas, and beliefs with the freedoms to express and share them.  Lately however, it has become much the opposite.  From the Patriot Act to the Internet Tax proposal the freedoms of the American people are becoming no more.  And this is all due to political propaganda to inspire racism with the title of ‘War on Terrorism.’  In fact, to exemplify this statement FEMA camps have been established all throughout the United States that are capable of housing up to thousands of families at a time.  Is it possible that these FEMA camps are a modern internment camp much similar to those that housed American Japanese families during the second world war?  Will these FEMA camps be used to house the families of the new political propaganda target? The supposed domesticated terrorists? 


As human beings, whether we believe in a different origin or an alternative afterlife, all have the same needs and desires in this current life.  Issues of class warfare, race hatred, and religious intolerance are used as a means of a distraction for the majority of the populous to be blind sighted by a larger agenda.  The United States of America was founded on a constitution that offered a solution to work through such differences in order to create a prosperous nation.  It is the duty of the American people now to recognize the constitution, uphold it, and to once again become a prosperous nation.         


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