Religious Persecution Growing in Iran
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Religious Persecution Growing in Iran

Being in a minority religion in the nation of Iran is to have your human rights removed. With over 300,000 Christians in Iran, the Islamic faith of Iranian Muslims are killing, torturing and imprisoning many of them.

If you think there is religious persecution in some parts of the world, there is one place that takes the cake. It is in the nation of Iran. There are several Christians now in Iranian prisons who have little or no hope of getting out any time soon. More than a dozen Christians currently imprisoned have not even been allowed to make phone calls to family or even see an Iranian attorney. And Iran is not even publicly giving their names, even though several American family members know they are there.

Almost every minority religious group is being affected and not just Christians. According to Reuter’s News Agency, there is a group of Baha’i leaders that are also jailed, simply for having differing faiths other than the state-endorsed Muslim faith.[1]  Iran is over 92% Muslim which holds to the faith of Islam, while Baha’is’, a monotheistic religion with over 300 million believers worldwide, makes up less than 5% of the population. Iran does not allow any religious freedom or freedom of expression in its nation. At least 70 have been killed and well over 400 jailed that are known about, even though the number is considered to be much higher. There are no official numbers because Iran does not comply with the U. N’s Human and Civil Rights International Laws.

P. J. Crowley, a U. S. State Department spokesperson, says that the number of the minority religious prisoners is easily 60 or more and that the numbers may actually be conservative. And the pressure from the United Nations has not only had little effect, the numbers those jailed, tortured or imprisoned, as grown exponentially over the past 12 months.

Amnesty International reports that most of the minority religious are either killed or jailed and charged with espionage.[2]  However the repressive regime of Iran simply states that they are a threat to national security, while presenting little or no evidence for the charges. International Human Rights groups have repeatedly stated that these charges are trumped up and the prisoners never get heard in a public courtroom; they are simply charged, tried, convicted and jailed. Some of the charged are even killed.

Anyone that is non-Muslim is considered to be spies and these include Jews, Christians, and in fact any religious group that is not Islamic. The U. N. estimates that the greatest minority religion in Iran is made up of Christians, with over 300, 000, primarily of Armenian ethnicity.[3]  And these Christians are marked people. They are passed over for jobs, promotions, governmental agencies, discriminated against and often their businesses are burned and their owners are imprisoned.

Iran has one of the worst Human Rights records in history and the problems are growing, perhaps due to increasing tensions between them and the West. And U. N. Human Rights organizations that monitor human right’s violations are not allowed inside the country to specifically document such abuses. Few of Iran’s religious minority will even talk about it for fear of repercussions.  The problem of religious persecution is growing worldwide, but particularly in Iran.  And it is expected to worsen in the future. Belonging to a minority religion has never been as dangerous as it is today in the world, but especially in the nation of Iran. 




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Comments (9)

Thanks for sharing. This was great to know.

The Bible speaks of things like this happening toward the last days. All we have to do is watch the national news and it is everywhere. It's really scary what other countries are doing to God's followers. But they must hold true to their faith at all cost. We all must do this and by all means pray for all Christians around the world. I get this magazine called "The Voice of the Martyrs". It is happening all over the world and someday I know it will also be here in America. If anyone reading this comment can get their hands on a copy of this magazine please read it and see how the world is persecuting the Christians, it is horrible. Thumbs up to you for writing this article. The world must know what is really happening and stand up for what they believe in.

Good article! I want to see what else you've written about.

Thank you for your comment. I have over 100 articles on one site below. I appreciate your comment and the interest you have in the Bible.

Where we made our mistake was when our nation welcomed any and every kind of religion into our nation. I'm not saying not to have people from other countries over here, I'm just saying to not allow them to worship anyone but God in our country. All these other religions are trying to push our God out in our own country. I just don't see it and neither does God I'm sure of.

The problem here is religion itself. I too have written on human rights in Iran. What is the solution? Whose religion is right?

Jack, I am so glad I found this article and its informative nature. Christians in our nation need to be aware of this and so many human right violations which are actually a ms-nomer for Christian persecution. We don't seem to have a clue as to what goes on else where or how it may affect us here in the future. Outstanding article.

Exceptionally written my friend. Glad to have found you here. Voted up!

Great article to revisit.