Occupy Wall Street-What's It All About?
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Occupy Wall Street-What's It All About?

What is the Occupy Wall Street movement? What does OWS stand for?

Occupy Wall Street is this huge social movement that was initiated by Adbusters, a Canadian based self-described “global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, educators and entrepreneurs who want to advance the new social activist movement of the information age.” OWS supporters are considered to be anti-capitalist. It began in Zuccoti Park in NY on 9-17-2011 and has spread worldwide with people camping out and protesting social and economic inequality with the slogan “we are the 99%”.

http://occupywallst.org/ posted their first blog on 6-14-2011 with a statement of who they are. They were calling for an occupation of Wall Street beginning on 9-17-2011 for anyone who was sick of the government, lay offs, banks, the wealthy and anyone who wanted to be heard about the egregious state of our economy. The OWS supporters continued to have general assembly meetings throughout August around various places in NY. They intended to take Wall Street and they did what they intended. The movement was for anyone who had a grievance against the 1% wealthy and the government including people with outstanding student loans, people with no insurance and bills that were unpayable, people who have lost their jobs and homes. Basically it included just about everyone.

The protests have spread and continue to spread even with the shut down of Zuccoti Park today. Most of the protests have been peaceful, although some have gotten out of hand. Most of the protesters just want to be heard, want a drastic change in financial policy, they want the President to listen and make vital changes for the benefit of all, not just the 1%. There isn’t one person out there that hasn’t felt the economic fallout of the last few years and people are getting fed up.

Whether you support it or not you have to appreciate the tenacity of the people willing to take the time and energy to speak out, not only for themselves but for you and me also. It takes some kind of juevos to live in a tent for weeks at a time in order simply just to be heard, to try to make some sort of positive change in a world that feels so negative right now. I applaud all those supporters of the OWS who have taken of their valuable time to be a voice for all who can’t or won’t. It’s an amazing movement and one can only hope that some sort of positive change will come out of this.

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Comments (3)

Very interesting. We have a similar anti-capitalist demonstration outside St Paul's Cathedral in London.

I applaud the people who stood up for their rights, the nearest movement was over 1 hour from where I live so I did not attend, but have supported them though my internet voice.

I am not so sure that there is a point to the OWS protesters that I can agree with... I do not need someone else living in tents in squalor across the globe to speak for me. I am one of the rational Americans who believes that the government is the root cause of all that ails the world, not just the USA. If the government did not TAKE the money, did not provide the lobbyists, and did not enrich the "Wall Street" rich then we'd have no problems. The government is the root cause. Fix the government, keep them from corruption and the rich won't be able to buy them and their special favors. But, the history of the origin of the OWS was interesting to know. It did not even start in the USA. Do we want socialism?