News From the Muse, Strange but True May 8, 2012
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News From the Muse, Strange but True May 8, 2012

In more stories of the bizarre and strange the Muse brings you these gems plucked from the news around the globe. At a game reserve in South Africa a woman is mauled by two cheetahs. A turtle released into the wild is found 47 years later in the same area that he was released in. A college student takes a jump off a building and misses.
  • Picture This! 

Archibald and Violet D’Mello went to the Kragga Kamma Game Park in South Africa to celebrate Violet’s 60th birthday. While there they were offered the opportunity to pet two “friendly” cheetahs, Mark and Monty. While in the petting area one of the cheetahs grabbed an 8 year old girl by the leg. In a moment of bravery Violet tried to stop the attack. When the girl ran to safety the cheetahs turned on her, knocking her down and began scratching her and biting her. The attack lasted about 3 minutes before park guides were able to get the animals to back off with a stick. Now what is so amazing here isn’t so much Violet’s bravery and quick reaction that probably saved the little girls life. What is amazing is that the entire time the attack was happening her “thick” husband kept snapping pictures! He didn’t do one single thing to aid his wife except maybe to prove to her what an idiot he is! Fortunately she is ok but if I were her I would be mad as hell at my spouse if he did something so foolish. Archibald D’Mello wins the News from the Muse Ass Clown of the Day award! Congratulations!

  • The Turtle Lives… 

In 1965 Jeff Cokeley carved his initials, “JC” and the date “1965” into the shell of a box turtle and let him go in the woods behind his house. Jeff probably never expected to see the little turtle again but in a surprise moment, 47 years later. Jeff’s 85 year old father, Holland, was walking a neighbor’s dog in the woods behind the same house when the dog came on something and started sniffing at it. Holland realized it was a turtle and when he turned it over he discovered his son’s initials and the date carved into the turtles shell and realized it was the same turtle his son had let go 47 years ago. According to experts box turtles can live up to 100 years and apparently this one will. Holland took photos and sent them to his son and then released the turtle back into the wild. And the turtle lives on….

  • Missing the Mark… 

People do some of the most foolish things when they are partying and this is just one example of the dumb things human beings do. At a party in Fort Collins, Colorado a CSU student apparently thought it would be cool to jump off of the roof of an apartment complex where a party was being held. The idea was to jump off the roof into the swimming pool below, however, something went wrong and the jumper, Ian Smith, missed the mark and struck the edge of the pool. In the jump he broke his ankles, his heels and has broken several vertebrae in his back. The paramedics said that Ian is lucky to be alive after hitting the cement so very hard.

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Comments (2)

Kinda neat about the turtle but I do not think people should get in the habit of carving names into turtle shells.

Brenda, I agree, that part was a little disturbing. He was 13 when he did it and probably didn't know better.....Peace Jaz