News From the Muse, Strange but True May 23, 2012
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News From the Muse, Strange but True May 23, 2012

In today's installment of The News From the Muse we have for your reading today the story of one man's battle over noisy people in a movie theater, one woman's fight against the established practice of wearing clothes in public, and finally......drum roll please.....So, a guy goes to a bar with a zebra and a parrot.
  • Shhhhh! 

Yong Hyun Kim was at a movie with his girlfriend in Kent, Washington when a confrontation occurred. Apparently, while Kim and his girlfriend were watching the movie some people behind them got unruly. Kim got more and more upset when they wouldn’t stop throwing popcorn at him and his girlfriend and being noisy that he finally took matters to the extreme. Kim proceeded to step over the seat and punch one of the people in the face. Now if this isn’t bad enough, the person he punched was a 10 year old boy. The boy suffered a lost front tooth and bloody nose. Kim was arrested and could face 9 months in jail. One wonders why, if the kids were being so unruly, didn’t he and his girlfriend simply move or go get a manger to ask the unruly kids to leave the theater? This is a perfect example of someone who needs anger management!

  • I’m a Liberated Woman and I am not Afraid to Show it! 

Barbara Lafleur was simply expressing her right to be fully liberated when she walked into two different New York stores, Curtis Lumber and Stewart‘s Shop. Now, nothing would really seem so strange about this if Lafleur wasn’t completely buck naked! Apparently Lafleur doesn’t suffer from any sort of mental issues, she was just being a liberated woman, au naturale! She, of course, was arrested and charged with public lewdness. It had to make for an interesting shopping day for the customers that were present!

  • So, a Guy Goes to a Bar With a Zebra and a Parrot… 

You can’t possibly make this up. In Dubuque, Iowa a man, Jerald Reiter, decided to go to the bar and take his pet zebra and pet parrot with him for company. Apparently they love to go for rides, however, the animals, yes, quite live, not stuffed, and were not allowed into the bar because of laws prohibiting animals from being in a place of food service. Reiter left his animals in the front seat of his truck and went back inside. Later, when Reiter was leaving the establishment, he was stopped in the parking lot by police and given a field sobriety test. His BAC was found to be .14, almost twice the legal limit. When the police arrested him Reiter told the officers he knew he was inebriated and planned on letting one of the passengers drive. Now this begs the question “Was the parrot or the zebra going to drive?” I’m sorry but there are so many bad jokes in this story. So, without further ado, we have come up with a brand new award, Jerald Reiter is the first recipient of the “It Might be a Bad Idea If…. “ News From the Muse Award, congratulations!

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Comments (10)

Jaz, this is a good one! Thank you for writing about normal and the ...... shall we say, not normal.

I truly enjoy your Muse News...

P. Guims...Thank you, as always, Peace Jaz

Nora, thank you, I have fun finding these obscure little tidbits....Jaz

Sometimes the absurd is true.thank you for the news

Roberta, I know huh? LOL Peace Jaz

Cute article.  I heard about the man going to the bar this morning on the radio show I listen to.  Crazy world we live in!  Good job!

Vicki, it is indeed, lol....Jaz

Thanks for another good read Jaz!

Bridget, you are most welcome....Peace Jaz