News From the Muse, Strange but True May 10, 2012
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News From the Muse, Strange but True May 10, 2012

More stories from the Muse. In today's selection we have a bizarre man and his narcissistic love for his member, more strange stories of things people do when unclothed and a thief get's his when a victim spots his bike on Craig's List and takes steps to get the bike back. People do the strangest things...
  • Narcissistic Self Love! 

In Portland, Oregon, Shane Boyd has been arrested for public indecency. This isn’t Shane’s first trip through the court system on the exact same charges. In fact he was convicted of the same charge about a year ago. Now the new charges, 3 of them, add up to a felony because of his previous conviction. Apparently Boyd likes to go stand in a parking lot looking at his victim’s apartments while masturbating. He was spotted by a woman who called police. The police then proceeded to watch the apartment and like clockwork Boyd appeared the next morning and proceeded to give his self pleasure. Boyd was arrested and the only masturbating he will be doing now is behind bars. I wonder if his cell mates will appreciate his obvious narcissistic love for his member as much as he does? The News from the Muse Ass Clown of the Day Award goes to Shane Boyd!

  • I Want to Ride my Bicycle… 

Joseph Farley, of Kemah, Texas, has been arrested for riding his unicycle in the nude down a public street and causing a distraction to passing motorists. Farley said that he liked the “feeling of riding without any clothes on.” Apparently Farley had been unstable on the bike and kept falling off but he was found not to be inebriated. Apparently there is something more than his bike riding skills that are unstable. One has to ask, “How comfortable can that really be, riding naked on a unicycle?” A psychiatric evaluation and a gift card to a clothing store may be in order.

  • And in Another Strange Bike Story… 

Danny Lesh had his bike stolen when he loaned it to a friend. Now, in a strange twist of fate, Lesh was perusing Craig’s List when he spotted his bike being sold for $100. Lesh proceeded to call the police but was told they couldn’t do anything about it right away. Mr. Lesh decided to take matters into his own hands. He phoned up the person on the ad to set up a meeting so he could test drive the bike. When the two met Lesh simply got on the bike and rode off. After returning home Lesh had received messages from the would-be seller that he was going to call the police. Of course, Lesh simply laughed and posted his own ad on Craig’s List about the thief. The police don’t recommend such actions as this, but hey you do what you have to do.

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Comments (10)

Thank you for this article.Well done!

Roberta, thank you as always...Peace Jaz

Thank you Jaz for this muse post.

Paulose, as always you are most welcome my friend...Peace Jaz

This is great! An enjoyable and interesting read Jaz, thank you.

Ron, thank you. It is fun doing the research too. LOL. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff I read everyday...Peace Jaz

Such fuuny stories. Great share!

P. Guims, Thank you so much...your friend Jaz

I like the bike story, that's justice for you!

Bridget, I did too It's nice that someone got some justice in this all too often unfair world...Jaz