News From the Muse, Strange But True February 6, 2012
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News From the Muse, Strange But True February 6, 2012

A collection of very strange and bizarre stories from around the globe. The strange things that criminals do and other stories. Busty driver gets busted for a DUI. A Man throws his son overboard for crying. A woman robs a bank in order to be able to get dentures that she can't afford.
  • But Officer My Boobs Did It! 

In Jensen Beach, Florida Maureen Jane Raymond was pulled over after she was caught traveling at a high rate of speed and pulling into a parking spot in front of a drug store and taking up two spaces. The officers smelled alcohol and gave her a series of sobriety tests, which she failed. She had told the officer prior to the test that she wouldn’t do well because big breasted women don’t balance well. When she was asked to walk a straight line Raymond began to dance and do a strip tease. She was arrested and charged with a DUI. Of course it is all her breast’s fault. 

  • Dumb Drunk Criminals... 

Sloane Briles, his girlfriend and his two little boys were on a tour boat called The Queen in Newport Harbor in southern California. Apparently Briles got into it with his girlfriend. The older boy, age 7, began to cry and was upset about the argument. Briles then proceeded to hit the child and threatened to “throw him overboard if he didn’t stop crying”. Well, of course, the boy got more upset and Briles threw him off the boat! There were other boaters nearby who got the boy out of the water and apparently Briles jumped into the water, not to save his son, but to avoid the wrath of the other passengers on the boat. Not only could the boy have drowned but he could have been hit with the prop of the boat and been killed. Briles, who had been drinking at the time of the incident, at first claimed no wrong doing. What’s amazingly stupid about this story is this jack wagon got no jail time in the sentencing. He got 3 years probation, 180 days in a VA rehab program and 1 year in a treatment program for abusers! 

  • Desperate Denturado!

In Waynesburg, PA Evelyn Marie Fuller decided to rob the First National Bank on January 20 in order to get dentures. The toothless teller terror got busted when the jacket she had borrowed from a friend was recognized by them. Apparently Fuller returned the coat after the heist because the zipper was broken. Apparently Fuller suffers from mental problems, ya think, and has apologized for the bank robbery. Well, at least she had the good conscience to apologize and return the coat to the friend. 

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Excellent work. Thank you Jaz. Voted up. Please support.

Thank you Paulose and Norbert!! Peace...Jaz