News From the Muse, Strange But True February 3, 2012
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News From the Muse, Strange But True February 3, 2012

News of the strange and bizarre and more.
  • If I am going to kick the bucket...

In Butte, Montana John Hughes decided to start a police chase as part of his “bucket list”.  If you aren’t familiar with what a “bucket list” is it is a list of everything you want to do before you die. In 2007 Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman starred in the 2007 movie “The Bucket List”. They are both terminally ill and make a bucket list and attempt to do everything on it before they die. When Hughes was finally stopped after topping out at speeds of 100 MPH he said it was part of his bucket list and he just wanted to know what it would feel like. He will more than likely be finishing his bucket list behind bars. One wonders if going to jail was on that list too?

  • Make mine extra-large!

In Korea scientists have done what every man has always wanted to do, increase penis size. They are injecting hyaluronic acid filler into the penis with needles and it has increased penis girth size by as much as 4 cm! The men who were injected kept the injected size 18 months after being injected. Apparently the needles used are not small, so guys you have to ask yourself one question? Is 4 cm really worth that much pain! Until now, beyond plastic surgery, no other methods have been proven to have scientific results. Men since the beginning of time have tried to figure out this problem. If you decide to go the route of plastic surgery, be prepared! Plastic surgeons cut your penis open, cut the suspensory ligament and insert weights. I guess in light of this a needle doesn’t sound so bad does it?!

  • “Give me the money, or I’ll curl your hair!”

This really begs the question; “How stupid can a criminal possibly be?” In Toledo, Ohio, at Liberty Tax Service a customer filed her taxes and decided to come back a few days later and make a withdrawal. Apparently Sonia Watson and her son Antonio thought they could fool the employees of the tax service company when she threw a towel over a curling iron and threatened the employees with it. They absconded with $280 in cash however, they didn’t get far because Watson had filed her taxes just days before and they had all her private information, besides recognizing her, duh! Hey, give the lady an I for using her ingenuity or idiocy. Maybe she can style hair with her curling iron behind bars, and don’t worry about a towel, she has one!

  • A very happy ending!

In Boise, Idaho, the fire fighters who responded to a blaze at a mobile home on North Fox Lane should get the PETA award for the year! An overloaded outlet started the blaze and when the fire fighters responded and put the blaze out they rescued 3 cats. They revived the cats with oxygen masks. No one was injured, fortunately, and the cats have their 9 lives intact thanks to the concern of the firefighters! Kudos, high fives and karma points go out to the fire fighters of Boise!!


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Comments (4)

Yes, interesting and unbelievable. thank you Jaz

Thank u Paulose

Those were really interesting and amusing circumstances, Jaz.

Yeah they are lol....Peace Jaz