News From the Muse, Strange but True February 16, 2012
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News From the Muse, Strange but True February 16, 2012

More stories of the strange and bizarre from News from the Muse. Today has been a day simply chalk full of stories that make you go "Huh?". Smoking E-Cigarettes may be unsafe for your health. Man goes berserk on a flight over an E-Cigarette. Has anyone seen Road Runner? Man get's arrested for putting child in dryer as punishment!
  • This is enough to Make You Want to Quit! 


In Niceville, Florida things aren’t so nice for one man trying to quit smoking. Tom Holloway has been an ex-smoker for 2 years and was using E-Cigarettes to help him quit when one blew up in his face. E-Cigarettes are electronic cigarettes that are battery operated and it appears that the rechargeable lithium battery may have been responsible for the explosion. In the explosion his teeth were knocked out and he lost part of his tongue. Not only that but it also started a fire in his home. If you are using E-Cigarettes to quit you may want to rethink your choice of smoking cessation aids. Although this instance was probably an anomaly, it’s enough to give you pause and make you choose another way to quit.

  • And Yet Another Reason to Quit Smoking!

Pogos Paul Sefilian of Utah has lost his privileges to fly and apparently his mind as well! He was on a flight from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles and attempted to use an E-Cigarette. He argued with the flight attendant about the airlines policy of not allowing the use of E-Cigarettes on flights. He then attempted a second time to use the E-Cigarette and was once again asked to stop. Sefilian became so angry that he threw snacks at the flight attendant. Then when the plane landed and he was ordered to stay seated he stood in the middle of the aisle and began opening the baggage compartments that are overhead. Selifian was arrested for interfering with a flight crew. 

  • Emu on the Loose

In Hudson, Florida be on the lookout for a loose emu. The emu, named Road Runner, escaped his pen. Her owner, Hope Thomas, wants the bird back. Road Runner was seen a few miles away at a McDonald’s and one customer, Joe Guetta, fed her some food because she was following him and looked hungry. Hope Thomas said, “I feel like Wile E. Coyote chasing the Road Runner. I need some Acme products out here to help me catch her.” Road Runner got the name because she is hard to get hold of, obviously! Beep Beep!!!!

  • Going for a Tumble!?!

The NFTM award for Ass Clown of the Day goes to Jamial Bayly. How did he win this illustrious honor? Bayly, from Cambridge, Ohio, punished his 3 year old son by placing him in a dryer and TURNING IT ON!!!! The boy wasn’t injured, however Bayly is being held on charges of child endangerment. NFTM thinks he should also be charged for stupidity and being an ass monkey!  

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Comments (2)

Oh no about the E-cigarette, some reward for quittting, not.

I know are you kidding me right? poor guy.