News From the Muse, Strange But True 1-28-2012
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News From the Muse, Strange But True 1-28-2012

Stories from the strange to the bizarre in the current media.

  • Taco For Your Thoughts...

In East Haven, Connecticut Mayor Joseph Maturo, Jr said some off color remarks regarding the Latino community in an interview about Latinos being mistreated by the police. When he was asked what he planned to do for the Latino community in light of the accusations being laid against the police force Mayor Maturo responded by saying, “I might have tacos when I go home, I’m not quite sure yet.” An activist group responded by saying that anyone who texts the word “taco” to 69866 they would deliver a taco to the mayors office. They received 2,600 texts and 500 were delivered to the mayors office and the rest were sent to local food banks.

  • Go to School or Else!
In Wood’s Cross, Utah apparently one mother means business when she tells you not to miss the bus. The unidentified woman took her son by the belt and made him walk alongside the slow moving car as she dragged him to school. The 9 year old boy could have been hit by oncoming traffic or worse. She hasn’t been charged and one has to wonder why? That is no less than abuse and if nothing else she should really have her head examined!
  • 20 Cent Slip Up
In Urbandale, Iowa Kyle Dowie, a mentally disabled man, was fired immediately from his job when he tried to cash in 20 cents worth of credit slips for bottles that were possibly left by customers. A grievance was filed with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission and he was offered his job back. He has worked for the Hy-Vee supermarket for 25 years. That’s just downright ridiculous! Even if what he did was wrong it begs the question whether he knew what he was doing was wrong. If the slips were left there by customers then isn’t possession 9 10ths of the law? Really folks, that’s going a bit too far…and over 20 cents…really!?!

  • Peek-A-Boo I'm an idiot too!
In Rockwell, Texas Charles Ewing, a manager at a Papa Murphy’s, was arrested and charged with a felony when he used his iPhone to record a female coworker undressing in the employee dressing room. He had set it up on a shelf partially hidden when the employee noticed it and called her father who in turn called police. He was, of course, fired on the spot and he could face up to 2 years in the pen for his errant behavior. Authorities are trying to determine if any other employees were video recorded as well. 


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Interesting facts.

Thank u! Fun finding too LOL

Interesting. Thanks Jaz. Voted.