News From the Muse, Strange but True May 12, 2012
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News From the Muse, Strange but True May 12, 2012

In the News from the Muse for May 12, 2012 we have for your daily dose of the strange and bizarre; Video of strange blob is captured off the coast of the United Kingdom, One man takes ironing his problems out a little too literally, Ted Nugent has made death threats...against himself!
  • Beautiful Blob…. " />sea blob 2.jpg 

Off the United Kigdom coast an underwater video has captured the image of a strange blob. It was videoed near a deep sea drilling rig and the blob undulating and appears to be dancing and swirling in the water. It is a most strange and bizarre sight to behold and it is real. There have been a lot of questions as to whether the creature is real or fabricated. It is very real, and very fascinating. It is a type of jelly fish called a Deepstaria Enigmatica and it is not rare, just very rarely seen intact because they are very large. It was identified in 1966 by a research submarine. Watching the video is hypnotic and you see the beauty of this very unusual deep sea creature. Video on youtube

  • Ironing Out the Problem… 

In Joliet, Illinois, Josue Manrique was having a very bad day. His bad day has just gone from bad to worse. It all began when Manrique went to a boxing match and the fighter he liked lost. And so it begins. Manrique then proceeded home when he found his car to be having transmission problems. Now by this time Manrique is probably a little torqued, not to mention the fact that he was inebriated. To top it all off he got home and found a dollar missing off his dresser. How did he choose to deal with the offender? He took a leather belt and hit his sleeping son to wake him up to answer for the offence. When his son did not admit to taking the dollar Manrique proceeded to burn the child’s arm and hand with a hot iron. When the child still didn’t admit to the offense Manrique proceeded to pace the hot iron on the child’s chin. Manrique is charged with aggravated domestic and child battery and is being held on a $100,000 bond. The News from the Muse gives the highest NFTM Award, the Ass Monkey Award, to this jerk! Congratulations!

  • Ted, Is It Worth It…Really??? 

Ted Nugent, the ostentatious rocker that gun enthusiasts have come to know and love, has said on a you tube video that if Obama was re-elected he would either, “be dead or in a jail by this time next year.” Now that seems a little much Ted, really? Apparently Nugent was recently removed off of a list of musicians performing at a military base because of his comments. Nugent was also quoted as saying that the government was “wiping its ass with the constitution.” He then went on to call president Obama, vice president Joe Biden, the attorney general Eric Holder, and the secretary of state Hillary Clinton “criminals“. He said that, “We need to ride into the battle field and chop their heads off in November.” Wow, Ted, you really get serious about this political stuff now dontcha?!?

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Comments (12)

The man who never even stopped to ask his son about the $1 before beating him should be burned like he did with his son after he gets a belt too. I would gladly do the honors to this man. Our world is heading for the cave man days when this kind of a creature is called a man. He is a low life not even equal to a human being. thank goodness the man will get punished. I am not a violent person, but could easily dole out to this male what he did to his sleeping son if given the chance. How dare him think he can treat another person like that! I will have to return with a recommend later.

Strange, different, but very well-written as well as very interesting.

Jerry, Thank you, I am all about strange and bizarre...LOL...Peace Jaz

Roberta, I agree whole heartedly! This guy make me sick to my stomach. Peace Jaz

Another very exciting news!

P. Guims...Tank you....Peace Jaz

Returning to award you a recommendation.

Roberta, thank you....Peace, as always, Jaz

I do not know what to say, I think it is the modern lifestyle that is driving man mad.

Interesting muse information. I liked it. Thank you Jaz. Hope to avail your friendship and continued support.

Paulose and Deepa, thank you my friends, have a lovely Saturday...Peace Jaz

Jerry, thank you. People do the weirdest things