Motivation of a Suicide Bomber and Koranic Injunctions
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Motivation of a Suicide Bomber and Koranic Injunctions

The Koran states that those who fight the Jihad (holy war) and get killed will be entitled to a great reward. Muslim scholars draw inspiration from the Hadiths (al-Miqdaam ibn Ma’di Karb) which states that the martyr (Shaheed) has 7 blessings from Allah. One of these is that he will be married to 72 Hur’s (Beautiful women). This hadith is used to motivate suicide bombers and is an accepted belief among all Muslims.

One aspect prevalent all over the world is the suicide bomber. From Africa to Kashmir and Europe to Iraq the suicide bomber is the common factor. A study shows that 99% of the suicide bombers are Muslims. A suicide bomber is a human bomb. He is a man who laces himself with deadly bombs and explosives and detonates them in a crowded market or shopping mall, with the sole aim of killing as many people as possible.

 One also wonders what could be the motivation for such a man. The answer lies in the Islamic religion itself. As a start we must understand that chapter 52-56 of the Koran mentions that those men who are true soldiers of Islam and have lived a life time devoted to Allah will go to paradise and will be rewarded with 72 virgins as wives. The concept of paradise in Islam is sensual in nature. This belief is sacrosanct in Islam.

Along with the Koran there are the Hadiths. These were compiled about 200 years after the death of Mohammed and contain the words of the prophet as overheard by his followers. There are in all 6 Hadiths.

 Suicide is forbidden in Islam but martyrdom (Istishhad) over rides it. Many notable scholars like Dr. Zakir Naik and Shaykh Yusaf al- Qaradawi have justified suicide bombing. Dr Zakir is a well known scholar and Shaykh Qaradawi a renowned Islamic jurist.

The Koran mentions that all those who die fighting a holy war (Jihad) will be given a ‘great reward’. It also states that all Muslims who are martyred will be given virgins in paradise. The number of virgins is 72 iand is elucidated in Chapter 21(Hadith no 2687) of the Hadith in Sunan al-Tirmidhi by Imam al- Tirmidhi.

One of the Hadiths (al-Miqdaam ibn Ma’di Karb)   states that Allah will bestow 7 blessings on a martyr (Shaheed). One of these blessings is going to paradise and marrying 72 Hur’s (beautiful women). This is the hadith that is used to motivate suicide bombers, though Islam prohibits suicide.   A majority of Muslims   believe in this.

 An example is that in Palestine a young man going for martyrdom as a suicide bomber is thought to be married off by his mother. Even in England some young boys were enticed to train with AK-47s and were motivated to do so with the promise of a sensual life in paradise with 72 wives. Thus the seeds of the suicide bomber are in the Islamic religion itself.

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Comments (4)

I studied the middle est history including islam and you have wrong information in this article as there is no hadeeth with these promisses. To give your article value the information should be real

All Information is correct. Please check your facts

ummm Islam doesn't promote suicide bombing....and no hadith is there to promote suicide bombing....Jihad is a totally different term...infact all the muslims condemn suicide bombing...Islam is a relegion of peace!

And ofcourse there are some who are setting bad examples for Islam but that is their own deed and Islam haas nothing to do with them.

I don't think God has an approval for every suicide bombing that is happening around us. Our life is precious to Him and the only owner of our life is only Him. If these informations are right, it seems their motivation to commit suicide bombing was based on personal benefits that they believe they could get in paradise.