Indonesian Crop Circle Appears Scientist Say Not a UFO Landing
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Indonesian Crop Circle Appears Scientist Say Not a UFO Landing

New crop circle sighting in Indonesia. Scientists say for sure that it was not caused by a UFO.

A very interesting and strange design was found in a rice paddy in central Indonesia. Scientists say that this is clearly the hand of humans and not of extraterrestrials. Crop circles have appeared in fields all over the world on and off for quite some time.

When these elaborate designs appear there is always the buzz that they are the result of a UFO landing. It seems that the villagers in the area of Indonesia where the crop circle appeared are charging an entrance fee to view the newest reported crop circle. This might be an indication that it truly was created to bring a little pop to the local economy.

According to an article that appeared in the Denver Post, all the experts agree that this is not the cause of the landing of a space vehicle. Cases of these elaborately designed circles have increased substantially since the 1970s, and have been reported in over 26 countries. What has made these so mysterious in the past is that about 90% have appeared in England, and were usually located near ancient ruins.

A couple of fellows, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, showed how a crop circle could be created in about an hour. They have claimed that they started the crop circle phenomena in 1978. Even though the hoax was uncovered people insist that these are the work of some mysterious or out of world entity.

One of the earliest documentations of crop circles was reported in an English pamphlet dated back in 1678. This appears to be a bit of a stretch of the imagination. The article was about a farmer who refused to let his field be mowed. He said that he would rather have the devil mow his field. Apparently the farmer said that he saw his field glowing red in the night and the next day he found that his field had been mowed in an unusual way. This instance was dubbed the Mowing Devil.

The real mystery is, why do these sightings still cause such an uproar? Whenever one of these crop circles appears it will receive a lot of attention in the press and scientific community. Scientists are called to debunk the theory that a UFO has landed. Some other explanations that have been given for the creation of crop circles are weather, paranormal activities, and animal activity. One thing for sure crop circles garner a lot of attention.

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