How Much for a Can of Air?
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How Much for a Can of Air?

How Much for a can of Air? You name it and it seems there is a tax for it these days. Water even has a cost. At the current rate someone will soooooooooobegin to market air just like in "SpaceBalls."

Some say we have freedom. Some also say that the best things in life are free. Is life itself free or can we actually put a cost to life?

We need shelter to protect us from the elements. This has a cost even for camping permits. This is one reason so many homeless people die every year during the winter months. Shelters that are constructed to help are limited with funding and resources and some are left out in the cold to battle the elements. Food also has a price even if you were to grow your own vegetables or raise your own livestock. The soil, compost, water, fertilizer all has prices. There is no getting around it. Let us not forget that there is property tax, sales tax, business tax. You name it and it seems there is a tax for it these days.

Water even has a cost. Sadly our lives are not free. Everything is bent on money and therein lays our problem. I can understand that some things if not all things need a cost however, if we cherish life why are our necessities not readily available to us free? Republicans and money mongering corporate types will surely argue these points. At the current rate someone will soon begin to market air just like in “SpaceBalls.”

That’s right, a fictional comedy spoof of “Star Wars” created by Mel Brooks hit home. We are on that path. Just look at our current air quality. Just like our water quality went down and it became costly to make drinking water readily available it will soon be the same for our breathable air if things are not changed. Everyone has an opinion on these matters but just look at the facts. Everything has been turned into a money making agenda by corporations targeting brainwashed consumers that no longer have the guts to stand up and say, “Enough is enough.”

Some people still protest but it isn’t always an effective protest or the reasons are foolish. This is one of those important subject matters that affect everyone’s lives in the world like slavery and war. Martin Luther King Junior led peaceful and sometimes very effective protests against racism. The hippy revolutions spoke out against the Vietnam War but they all got lost in their camaraderie, music, and drug empathized orgies.  We have the right to protest this but our own governments make rules on what we can do during protests that violate our right of protest, therefore our freedom has been limited as of late. If we don’t speak out soon and put a stop to corporate abuse of the general public, our children will suffer along with our neighbor’s children. Man has become lost through greed of money have turned on their own world and brethren.  Remember what our nation has accomplished in the past.

Argue the points no more. Make the changes necessary soon or our world will be forever lost in more chaos. NASA printouts show current air quality has become worse and is contributing in many deaths. Our planet is getting hotter from within because of pollutions and the lack of trees. While you are still absorbing those facts to debate and argue note that there is not just a hole in our ozone over Antarctica but a massive hole in our magnetic field that is supposed to protect us from the sun’s rays. All of this discovered by NASA scientists and our world still argues over it.

If our focus is money, then we will never find solutions to fix these problems that we have helped to create. Homeless rates and unemployment is higher than ever right now. Money has truly been the root of evil in life. Its focus prevents resolution, causes people to choose the life of crime, and has blinded man to bigger issues that we cannot hope to resolve until we come together as a nation once more.  If we don’t we will eventually destroy everything our forefathers fought for.

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Comments (1)

An alarming eye opener. We may have to buy fresh air in the future the way we buy mineral drinks in bottles.