2011 in Review from the Death of Kim Jong-ll to Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal
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2011 in Review from the Death of Kim Jong-ll to Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal

2011 in review brought to us the death of Steve Jobs, Kim Jong ll, Occupy America Movement, the fall of the Rupert Murdock empire and much more.

Here is the ending of my round up of top 2011 stories

Click here for part 1

Click here for part 2

The Death of Kim Jong-Il

Kim Jong-ll, the North Korean dictator died of a heart attack on Dec 17. His heir is his youngest son who is said to be just as tyrannical as his father. The new ruler of North Korea is only in his 20’s and has to deal with severed international relations and a starving country.

Canadian News

The death of NDP Leader Jack Layton - Canada

The death of Jack Layton was the top story in Canada in 2011. Layton was the leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada; the third political party but a party with few members elected in seats across Canada. The party had never received enough seats to become the governing party of Canada or the royal opposition party. Jack made history with his landslide victory and gained the status of the opposition party leader. Layton was recovering from colon cancer and subsequently died of an undisclosed cancer before he ever had a chance to take up office.

Steve Jobs dies

Apple computer co-founder Steve Jobs died at the age of 56 from cancer. He was a visionary who revolutionized the computer industry. He had the uncanny ability to be able to see what trends would be required in the future and he made the designs and applications for them.

Shooting in Norway

A crazy lone gunman shot 8 people in front of prime minister’s headquarters in Oslo on July 17. He then turned his gun on a group containing many young people who were part of a summer camp for the Labor Party and killed 69 more. Anders Behring Breivik posted a manifesto, he wanted to “start a revolution against, among other things, liberal immigration policies that have increased Muslim populations across Europe. Court psychiatrists diagnosed Breivik with paranoid schizophrenia and found him to be criminally insane.”


The movement started as a protest against the richest in America. It was held on Sept 17 in a park in front of wall street. The group camped for months. The people were protesting about government spending and how the richest one percent of Americans live so well while most of America is struggling. The grassroots protests were so popular among the common citizen that the movement ballooned and Canada held its own camp outs in protest of the country’s economic situation.

US Military Repeals the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy

In September, the US Military Repealed the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy which barred homosexuals from servicing in the military. Since 1993 because of the policy the government had thrown out 14,000 US military members.

Rupert Murdoch's media empire

Rupert Murdoch’s media empire came crashing down when the UK British Tabloids went too far. The tabloid in question News of the World hacked the phone of a murdered school girl to obtain their information. This produced such a public outcry that Murdoch immediately had to go into damage control. The News of the the World published its final issue in July.

The US launched an investigation into Murdoch’s News Corporation after the hacking and allegations of bribery surfaced.

Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal


Hall of Fame football coach Joe Paterno was fired and assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was acussed of sexually molesting young boys during a 10-year period. The trial is yet to be tried.


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Good review of the year. voted and promoted

thank you Lorena

Nice presentation here Carol, a blessed new year to you and yours.

thanks Ron there is still part 1 and 2 that nobody is commenting on

The world is in a mess. Thank you for reviewing some here.Well detailed.

thanks Roberta, you know it is odd I have a part 1 and part 2 of this review and no one has commented on it.

Great recap, voted.

thanks Bethany

The new year has rarely looked so good.

Sorry Gayle I lost you on this one lol

Interesting article Carol. Voted up. Thank you for support and vote.

Thank you Paulose

Great review! Kim Jong-ll's son is scary-looking. If you look at his eyes, they look dead, like he has no human feeling at all.

Excellent headline news for 2011, Carol.

thanks Kathleen and deep blue